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About Us

Advanced Polymer Materials Inc. is a Montreal based manufacturing company with R&D capability. We produce innovative and unique biodegradable and biocompatible polymer materials to fill the need for scientific advancement in pharmacy and medicine. We also provide custom synthesized polymers upon demand and according to our customers' specifications.

We are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations, whether it is in providing the highest quality and reliable polymer materials, or in our unique services such as consultancy and developing new technologies.


We supply the following materials, technologies and services.

Materials & technology


PHAs and low molecular weight PHAs
e.g. Low molecular weight PHBs  

Biodegradable materials, functional blocks for graft polymers, tissue engineering.   Microspheres, nano particles for controlled release formulation

Functionalized PEGs
e.g. mPEG-COOH,

For PEGylation and conjugation

Biodegradable copolymer materials
e.g., PEG/PHB, PEG/PLA, PEG/PCL, etc. block copolymers

Functional biodegradable block copolymers,

e.g. PLA-b-PEG-COOH, PLA-b-PEG-NH2, etc.

Drug delivery, tissue engineering, food additives, cosmetics, etc.. 
Biodegradable blending materials  

Nano medicine

Block copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide,
e.g., PEO-PPO, PPO-PEO-PPO, etc. block copolymers  

Supplementary to the Pluronic copolymers. 

Micelle and Gelation agents

Block copolymers of ethylene oxide and 1,2-butylene oxide,
e.g., PEO-PBO, PBO-PEO-PBO block copolymers

Block copolymers of ethylene oxide and styrene oxide,
e.g. PEO-PSO, PSO-PEO-PSO block copolymers

Better solubilization and more stable micelle systems

Templates for preparation of nano-materials. Templates for preparation of mesoporous materials 

Cyclic polymers and copolymers,
e.g., cyclo-PEG, cyclo-PEO/PPO copolymers, etc.  

R&D research in polymer morphologies and polymer behaviors.
Contract research   Special applications, new polymer systems and technologies
custom synthesis and scaling up services We do custom syntheses and scaling up services
Instrument service   Polymer analysis and characterization

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